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The Magazine

49 Feet long and 22 feet wide. 4 feet thick. Built of Pennsylvania limestone with a layer of bricks.

Has 3 main rooms and 4 cells. Could store 10,000 stacks of rifles and 200 tons of gun powder

Floor Plan

Floor Plan


You enter the museum through a door that goes through the 4 foot wall.


As soon as you get inside the museum, you are greeted by a Hessian in full dress uniform.


After you pass the Hessian greeter, continue into the center room. Start your tour by going right. There is a large amount of information presented on various panels. You will come to an entrance to the right room. It is smaller than the center room. In the center of this room is a glass case that contains three figures (a Indian student in sports uniform, a Student at the Army War College, and a 1922 Medical student).

Take the time to read the panels on the right wall. It contains a selection of the senior military officers that have passed through Carlisle Barracks. On the wall opposite the one you enter is a narrow hallway that contains the four cells. Take a little walk to the last cell on the left and look inside.

Return to the right room and continue the tour. You will go back to the center room and then pass into the smallest room. This room show Molly Pitcher, one of the women that made a contribution to the United States.

The tour doesn't take very long. You can complete it in about an hour. You may want to take a walking tour of Carlisle Barracks. The Barracks isn't very large. For more information, contact the Army Heritage and Education Center.

Additional information

The Army Heritage and Education Center is responsible for the displays in the Museum.

For additional information about the history of Carlisle Barracks go to:

Carlisle Barracks - Hessian Powder Magazine Museum

The Hessian Powder Magazine has served many functons since it was built in 1777.  Today it serves as a proud reminder of the long and honorable service of Carlisle Barracks. 

Inside the magazine there are three main rooms and four cells.  The main rooms contain thirty panels descriing the history of Carlisle Barracks. 

The museum is another reminder of what it took to make the United States what it is today.